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TEAMS is Austin ISD's online gradebook. Teachers regularly input grades into this system. Parents are given a code for their child in order to access grades. If you do not know the code for your child, see CC Luna in the office.


You should expect to see the following in Core Content Classes

*A minimum of 9 grades per grading period in Language Arts (some grades will count for both "Reading" and "Language Arts") and Math. 

*A minimum of 4 grades per grading period in Science and Social Studies.


Teachers often count projects as a double grade. While most work will be graded and returned on a weekly basis, projects usually require more time to grade. Project grades can be expected within two weeks of project completion. Individual teachers will provide rubrics for projects and assignments where appropriate.


Make-Up Work - Any student that is absent and misses work should request work missed from his/her teachers. Work should be returned within 3 days of the absence.


Work to be Corrected and Returned - According to AISD policy, students are allowed one opportunity to correct work (including a test) that receives a score below 70. Students should correct and return work within 5 school days, or a week from receiving it. Corrected work that is accurate will receive the minimum passing grade of 70.


Grade Ranges

The following ranges are those used in GradeSpeed.

97-100 = A+

93-96 = A

90-92= A-

87-89 = B+

83-86 = B

80-82 = B-

77-79 = C+

73-76 = C

70-72 = C-

69 and below = F



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