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Parent Expectations

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Expectations for Parents

     1.)  Please support your children by keeping them on as regular a schedule as possible.  Establish a regular bedtime and get them up in time to have breakfast and get ready for school without rushing.  Limit their outside activities to a reasonable number and try to set aside time most days for your family to eat together.  A consistent routine with family time may be the most important factor in your child’s success.

    2.)  Participate in fourth grade’s service projects and special units.  We will need you as a resource to help your child complete his/her Family Tree and Relative Interview that will come home just before Thanksgiving to take advantage of family gatherings.  Start now helping your child collect family stories and review his/her multiplication facts.  We will also need volunteers to help with Pioneer crafts and other grade level activities. 

    3.)  Share your expertise with us.  Let us know if you have a skill or passion you think would fit with our curriculum and we can work together to share it with the students. 

    4.)  Go through your child’s  binder and "Take Home" pocket every Tuesday.  Sign the agenda itself on Tuesday nights.  Please do not sign ahead because you might miss important teacher communication.  We will use the agenda as  a regular means of communicating with parents.  

    5.)  Please support the teachers and school by checking with us for facts before you get upset about a school-related rumor.  We promise to keep you informed about situations that directly impact your child.  If your child shares a problem with you that he/she has not shared with the teacher, please encourage them to tell us so we can help remedy the situation.  We want to know as soon as possible if any child is suffering.

    6.)  Check with your child first if you have questions about a grade on TEAMS.  Students often have papers they need to correct and return before we can update our gradebooks.

    7.)  Please write in your child's agenda whenever after-school plans will be different from usual.  This would include changes in transportation, the person picking up the student, lessons, and play dates.  All play dates need to be scheduled and approved by the parents involved prior to the school day.  Unnecessary last-minute plans cause social conflicts here at school and delay pick up after school.  We will not allow students to use phones at school to make social arrangements and we plead with you not to make those plans during pick-up time after school.


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