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Homework Policy

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Fourth Grade Homework Policy

1.  Rationale for Homework

    The fourth grade teachers feel that homework should be something students can complete independently with only minimal assistance from parents.  Homework reinforces skills and concepts learned in class as it prepares students for upcoming class topics.  It teaches students to work independently and helps them develop self-discipline and responsibility.  Home practice of basic skills frees up class time to use and extend those skills creatively under teacher supervision.


2.  Frequency and Examples of Homework

    As stated in the Highland Park Homework Policy, homework may be assigned any weekday except Friday.  The time required each night will differ for each student, so teachers will need parent feedback.  Please see the “Parent Role” section below.  Some teachers distribute a homework packet with activities to be completed over a given period of time.  We encourage students to do one section each day rather than rushing through the entire packet at once or waiting until the last minute.


 3.  Student Expectations

    Students are to complete all assignments on their own to the best of their ability.  Work should be neatly done and turned in on time.  Emphasis is on each student taking the time to put in full effort on assignments rather than on producing perfect homework papers.  Many teachers give long-term assignments and students will need help from parents scheduling some time over several days to complete this work.  Waiting until the last day will require students to put in too much time on homework that day.  Teachers are happy to make accommodations in homework for students with identified special needs or occasional extenuating  circumstances.  Such modifications have no impact on student placement or grades.


4.  Parent Role

    Please establish homework as a top priority for your children by providing a regular time and a quiet environment.  Have them practice math facts or read silently during homework time if they have no other assignments.  Write a note to the teacher if your child has unusual difficulty understanding a concept or completing an assignment.  Provide “quality control” for major projects, but do not set unrealistic expectations for your children or do the work for them.  We want student products to reflect student understanding and best efforts.

    Please keep track of how long your child takes on average to complete homework.  Make note of the time spent actually concentrating on the tasks.  Some students have trouble maintaining focus or may work slowly and take longer to complete assignments.  Students who do not use class time well may also have more assignments to complete at home.  Contact your child’s teacher if homework is taking up an excessive amount of time or creating anxiety for your family.  Teachers cannot address the problem if we are not aware you are having difficulty.  We want each child to feel positive and successful, and are willing to work with families to ensure student success.


5.  Homework and Grades

    Homework completion and results will be averaged to contribute one major grade to each subject every nine weeks.  Responsibility for homework will also be reflected in each student's "Personal Development" grades on the report card.  Projects are treated differently and may contribute several major grades to a student’s average.  Most teachers give separate grades for research, written product, visual, and any presentation of information the student makes to his/her class.


6.  Consequences

    Positive consequences for homework completion will include posting student’s name on the Honor Student Board, praise, awards, notes home to parents, and class rewards.  Consequences for not completing homework may include time out during recess to complete work, lower grades, and requiring parents to sign completed homework each night.  NOTE:  Homework missed for legitimate reasons such as illness or student failing to understand covered concept needs to be explained in a signed note from a parent.  We realize that there are occasional extenuating circumstances.


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