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Discipline Policy

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Fourth Grade Discipline Policies


* The new Scottie Standards are followed on the playground, in special areas, on the bus, on field trips, in the halls, and in the cafeteria, as well as in the classroom.  Standards are written in first person to emphasize personal responsibility:

1.  I will follow all directions the first time.

2.  I will walk silently in line.

3.  I will speak, look, and listen with respect.

4.  I will leave my personal belongings at home and take care of all property at school.

5.  I will be responsible for my own learning and my own behavior.


*  In trying to provide a consistent learning environment, all fourth grade teachers follow the Scottie Standards and basic classroom rules and have the same consequences and similar rewards.


*  Fourth Grade uses a "Tag" system to keep students accountable.  Each student's tag is his/her pass for recess. After verbal warnings, teachers will record a written warning in any misbehaving student's agenda.  A written warning results in a loss of 5 minutes of recess. If the behavior continues, students will lose their tag, and the teacher will record it in his/her agenda.  Some behaviors will result in an immediate loss of tag, such as not completing assigned homework or not treating others with respect.  Loss of tag results in the student losing 20 minutes of recess that day.  Students missing work stay in for study hall to complete work, and misbehaving students sit on the wall outside under teacher supervision.


*  Telephone calls or emails to parents, parent conferences with all the student’s teachers, grade level team meetings, and Child Support Team meetings are used at times to problem solve any discipline, work, or study problems a student may be experiencing. A student’s individual needs may sometimes require a contract for that child.  Generally, all the teachers follow the same contract for that individual.


* Occasionally, a student is removed from his class to another fourth grade classroom for “time out.”  The student must work quietly at the back of the room on an assignment.  We find that a change of scenery sometimes helps a child focus.



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