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Clothing Concerns

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Clothing Concerns 

As stated in AISD policy, please check for the following as your child leaves the house:


    Clothes are clean, have no holes, and fit correctly.

    Clothing does not display inappropriate pictures or slogans.

    Appropriate shoes are worn with socks - Remember that tennis shoes are required for P.E. and the track.

    Shirts do not expose any of your child’s stomach or backside and skirts/shorts are long enough to pass the "bend over test".

    Spaghetti strap shirts or tank tops are covered at all times by a sleeved shirt.  Wider strap sleeveless shirts are fine. 

    Caps, hats, or any other type of headcovering may not be worn in the building. 

    Make-up, glitter, and artificial nails are not permitted in elementary school.

    Clothing is appropriate for the weather - Please send a jacket or sweatshirt with your child on cold days.

    Students may find some classrooms chilly and choose to keep a sweater or sweatshirt at school.


Personal Items - Please remember that one of our Highland Park Scottie Standards is Leave personal belongings at home.  We ask that students not bring cards, toys, or other items to school.  If they need clothing or equipment for after school activities, these items need to remain in their backpacks during the school day.


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